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From:  Andrew X, Underground Marketer And Super Affiliate

Dear Future Traffic Warrior,

Yes, the above traffic and income results are indeed phenomenal.

They are without a doubt, life-changing.

And yes, I can certainly help you achieve similar results.

But before I show you the true extent of what this underground automation tool is really capable of, I need to get something off my chest...

I feel it’s time to set the record straight, so let me cut to the chase...

And I REFUSE to stay silent about this for a moment longer...

So you need to sit up, pay close attention, and read every word I'm about to share with you, as I'm going to give it to you straight...

This letter will shape the way you go about ALL your marketing from here on in.

It will also determine whether you’ll achieve your online dreams and become a "success story", or wither away and be yet another lamb to the marketer's slaughter.

Here's the thing...

We all know that TRAFFIC is the life blood of any online business, and that...

But what you don't realize is that 99% of the traffic generation systems you’re being peddled will NEVER WORK!

So many of these supposed traffic ‘miracles’ or ‘magic bullets’ are nothing more than complex, time consuming traffic "vehicles"…

All they really are are just big pots of traffic sources, nothing more.

And sure, sometimes you may "get lucky" and drive a few hits to a website.

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And if you're really, really lucky you may experience the pure joy of making your first $ online when that "fluke" commission comes in from these traffic sources, that's never repeated...

You see, the reason you FAIL to experience the "promised success" is because you're always in constant competition, but the scary thing is, you don't even know it.

I'm the guy you're having to compete with.

But I'm NOT your only competition, far from it!

There are thousands of highly skilled and trained underground super affiliates that take great delight in slaughtering dazed and confused sheep just like yourself.

Want to know why an underground marketer will beat you every time you decide to play in the latest shiny traffic source?

It's simple really...

THEY don't play fair!

The playing field is NEVER even because...

Traffic Before and After

Here's the secret to a never ending supply of traffic for your business...

To get targeted, buyer-focused traffic in the volume you need to REALLY make a fortune online, you simply MUST USE dedicated, automated systems that do ALL of the manual work for you.

And right now, I'm going to reveal yet another example of the true "Commission Damage" my underground "Total Automation System" does on a daily basis.

Look at how I did on November 7 from just 5 accounts (and I have over 100!)...

November 7 Proof

Grab Your Own Risk-Free Copy Of
CB Traffic Warrior Here!

, as you can see this is THE solution you need for easy and big commission checks.

My Automated Tool really does bring in piles of cash with ridiculous ease...

And what's even more incredible is that I’ve got much more proof behind this amazing automation tool...

But first, I have a serious question you really need to consider right now...

If I gave you all the knowledge and automation tools you needed to go out and make $2,592.53 every single day

What would that mean to you?

How would that change your life?

And would you be ready to...

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Slash the amount of tedious "manual online work" hours you usually do or thought you needed to do by a massive 99%


Stop worrying about what is the right system to follow that's guaranteed to bring you the desired results


Start spending your spare cash on things you really "want", instead of having to struggle to buy the things you "need".


Have a proven, straightforward, push-button solution that never fails to bring in super targeted traffic any time you decide to haul in HUGE profits

I know I'd certainly be ready to tick each one of those four boxes...

And I'm utterly convinced you'd do the same, which is precisely why...

You're really going to enjoy this...

Just imagine logging into your own Clickbank Master account to check on how your income is thriving under the strain of all that free traffic my underground Automation Tool is directing towards various Clickbank offers for you...

And then seeing something like this (which is what I see whenever I log in) with YOUR name on it...

Master Account Proof

I do NOT show you my income to gloat...

I decided to show it to you because I really do want YOU to achieve the same feeling of financial freedom and independence I get to wake up with each and every morning.

With that as my goal, the time to meet my underground "Total Automation System" has finally arrived. Allow me to finally introduce you to what's made all of this traffic and income possible...

Secure Your Own Risk-Free Copy Of
CB Traffic Warrior Right Now!


And yes, it's very aptly named...

It IS a warrior by name, warrior by nature.

But be warned, don't let the name fool you.

Not only will commissions fly in whenever you promote Clickbank offers with CB Traffic Warrior, but you can also make a fortune promoting products via Paypal...

My Paypal account explodes every single day thanks to the free traffic CB Traffic Warrior generates for me at will...

Like the sound of having a Paypal balance of $50K and growing?!

Paypal Earnings

And it's not just Clickbank and Paypal either...

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The fact is, you can use CB Traffic Warrior to drive traffic at any website and
merchant you like

There are zero restrictions, it's entirely up to you.

And the best part?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned marketer making $100K+ per year online or a complete "newbie" who has never made a cent online!

CB Traffic Warrior is PERFECT for ALL skill and experience levels...

In fact, here is a short list of what you don’t need with CB Traffic Warrior...


Any technical knowledge or expertise... it’s all set up for you


Any start-up investment... it’s geared to MAKE you money with FREE traffic, not take your money


Huge amounts of time or energy... it’s automated, so you can relax and enjoy the results


Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Adwords, PPV, CPA accounts... it’s gone SO far beyond that


To be an expert in any field or niche... it does most of the leg work for you


JV partners or affiliates, email promos or classifieds... CB Traffic Warrior really is stand-alone, push-button automated software


To spend anything along the way... CB Traffic Warrior is all about making FREE traffic get to work for you and rake in piles of commissions

CB Traffic Warrior is a traffic generation solution that anyone who is ready and willing to make real money, real fast can benefit tremendously from...

It’s the real deal!

You must be just dying to start banking some of the massive commissions I've achieved through the avalanche of traffic CB Traffic Warrior sent my way...

It's time to secure your very own license to use the CB Traffic Warrior Black Box to it's fullest potential.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking...

Hey, don’t sweat it, you’ve got nothing to worry about!

When I showed this free traffic Black Box to some of my closest friends they NEVER wanted me to release it.

But when I told them I was going to release a limited number of copies they were expecting me to sell this Black Box for $2000 or more...

Scratch that!!

I promised you I wasn't letting personal greed get in the way of you having access to this amazing piece of traffic automation.

I wanted to give marketers like yourself a REAL opportunity to start flooding your websites with free quality traffic at the press of a few buttons.

So you can get your hands on my proven Traffic Black Box RIGHT NOW for a small one time only payment of just $47!

That's right!

only $47

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That’s a one-time, no hidden charges or catches, all-inclusive fee that will enable you to break free of old traffic strangleholds and smash through the earnings glass ceiling.

And I'm going to make it even easier for you.

In fact, I'm going to remove ALL of the risk.

Because of my tremendous results (some of which I've shared with you) I’m so confident you’re going to be blown away by the results YOU experience with CB Traffic Warrior that I'm going to take on all the risk myself!

Have a read of the iron-glad Money Back Guranteee I'm offering those that take action right now...

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Let me explain this nice and clearly for you.

This iron glad guarantee means that if you're not happy with your CB Traffic Warrior membership for any reason whatsoever...

Simply send me an email within 60 days and you'll get every cent refunded back to you, no questions asked or strings attached.

As you can see, this is a straight up ZERO RISK opportunity for you...

And you should grab one of my strictly limited licenses by two hands and make a positive move towards achieving your online goals and success

It's time to get automated...

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I Can’t Wait To Get Started And Unleash My Own Traffic Warrior! Get Me My Copy Now!

There are no games here, no catches or agendas or hidden charges that you need to worry about.

The licenses to the CB Warrior Black Box system are strictly limited.

When they all go, no more will be sold.

Now is your chance. Take It.

Secure your very own CB Traffic Warrior Black Box System right now...

CB Traffic Warrior


I know it’s a brand new, limited, and highly powerful solution for free traffic generation


I know it’s annoyed the inner "guru" circle who wanted to keep this under wraps for themselves


I know this Black Box will drive thousands of people to my website and I'll bank lots of commissions


I know it’s mine for a crazy, one-time only fee of $47


And I know it’s all backed by a 60 day, no risk, money back guarantee

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This is your one and only chance to make your mark in the online world.

Remember, it’s entirely RISK FREE to you. You can download it, try it out, put it through all its warrior paces and watch it perform with glory, and if there is anything you don’t like, simply return it within 60 days and get all your money back.

So grab your copy right now... because places are STRICTLY LIMITED!

Secure your copy now, and I’ll see YOU inside the warrior camp,

Andrew X

Andrew X

PS. There is absolutely NO REASON to hesitate here! You have a proven, push-button simple FREE TRAFFIC generation solution at your very fingertips, and it’s all at NO risk to you. You don’t need start-up money, technical experience, niche expertise, or huge amounts of time and energy to devote to this. Your own CB Traffic Warrior will fight for profits for you!

PPS We're strictly limiting the number of licenses available,and they will SELL OUT very soon.

You don't want to risk coming back later today and seeing this message...

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